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Windows 8 Sweet Dream GHOST

사용자 삽입 이미지
 Windows 8 Sweet Dream x64 By Dorin 2013 Team OS HKRG
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----| Info |-----
Windows 8 Sweet Dream Ghost Windows 8 is a product of Dorin Modified 2nd, as well as its title, 
this ghost was born with criteria to make a difference in interface, features, this is my take on 
the little quite meticulous, hand-edit color from AZ, discover many good and new and has integrated 
all of this into Ghost, fix the minor errors and unnecessary in the previous Ghost, to bring satisfaction 
absolute heart from users, especially women wing ;)). And as far as I know, 
this is the first Ghost Windows 8 only in Vietnam and up to the present time;;)
Being the Ghost nosoft so I just installed the necessary soft-called temporary, this ghost is integrated:
UltraISO v9.53
Yahoo (corrected many nick chat)
WinRAR 5.0 Beta 8
Ultra UxthemePatcher (so you can change the theme as you like)
Learning from the previous Ghost, its not installed in this version of Office, 
because depending on the preferences of each person is different, 
so I let you choose so, but I also would like to provide standard tool for your Active Office always, 
was very good test on office 2013 5s only everything okey


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